Leading Technologies in overhead conductors

Lumpi-Berndorf Draht- und Seilwerk GmbH is a leading Austrian manufacturer of overhead line conductors for electrical energy transmission, with two sites in Linz and Berndorf.


We take seriously our responsibility towards the economy, environment and society, and act in accordance with the following principles:

Cooperation with all our partners and contacts is constructive, fair and reliable.

We ensure an open and objective dialogue with our partners and contacts and ensure that all our actions are comprehensible and transparent.


We do not tolerate any unethical business practices and oppose all forms of corruption and bribery.

Human rights
We advocate human rights and value every individual. We absolutely oppose all forms of forced or child labour. We expect each of our business partners to comply with these values.

Compliance with legal requirements and contracts
We comply with all valid legal requirements and fulfil our agreements and contracts.

Our success is built on a foundation of qualified and motivated employees, whose top qualifications, personal commitment to and identification with the company aims and principles set them apart from the crowd.
We offer all our employees individual development opportunities and good future prospects in an environment with clear and unbureaucratic decision structures and the capacity to innovate.
Loyalty to the company is very important to us. This also includes constructive criticism, which we provide within the company in an open and appropriate manner.
We work together with everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, culture, skin colour, education, societal background, sexual orientation or nationality. We absolutely oppose all forms of discrimination, mobbing and sexual harassment.

Focus on our customers is very important to us and we ensure this by meeting deadlines reliably, providing the highest quality, and ensuring safe and environmentally friendly production.

We work together with our suppliers as partners and expect them to comply with our quality standards and values.

We are committed to fair competition whilst ensuring antitrust laws are not violated.

Corporate principles
In all our areas of activity, we are committed to the overall consideration of economical success, environmental protection, and respect for the interests of our employees and of society.